andrea gregori


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Unum Cole Deum
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Ten harpsichords, placed all around you at the vertices of a decagon, play the 40 voices „Ten Commandments fugue“ of the famous Venegas de Henestrosa’s book of keyboard music from 1558, while structures that may resemble tables and inscriptions raise up…
An app running for almost 24 hours! So long is the time it takes to repeat the Satie’s “Vexations” musical theme 840 times, as the composer indicated. Was this just a joke? The first to take it as a serious challenge has been J. Cage, who organized the first complete performance. Here is an excerpt of my musical and visual interpretation. Immersed in a foggy landscape, the viewer hears the musical theme coming from somewhere behind the fog curtain. Little by little, a shape appears, slowly moving toward him. The viewer realizes that the music source is bound to the shape, which is approaching and will eventually cross him. The musical theme sounds again, this time bound to another shape, coming from somewhere else, and so on…During their passage, the shapes partially superpose, creating every time new visual situations.

Related to this project is a series of prints, that a derive from views shot from within the virtual reality, while playing the app. View the series in the Singulart Art Gallery.

A baroque fantasy in which the viewer experiences a world of continuous elaborations of one photographic detail. The visual conception reflects the underlying music, which is a series of elaborations of one single musical theme.